Product Technologies


Nonwovens - Spunlaid Nonwovens - Needle Punched Nonwovens - 3D Entangled Mats Multilayer 3D Mats Wovens Construction Fibers GeoGrids

Nonwoven fabrics using unique Colback technology perform a variety of protective, filtering and stabilizing duties when combined with other building materials.

Needle-punch nonwovens' protective and absorbent properties contribute to unique building product solutions.

Three-dimensional, synthetic open-structured nonwovens ideally suited for ventilation and drainage applications throughout the building structure

Our nonwoven technologies are often bonded together into a single product to provide superior solutions benefiting from characteristics of each.

Woven tapes providing strength, stability and resistance.

Construction fibers are specialized polymer fibers which are added to concrete to replace steel mesh, reinforce the concrete and enhance its durability.

Geosynthetics used for stabilization and reinforcement.